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Best Work Boot Socks in 2023

If you wear an unsuitable pair of socks to go along with your boots, you will feel extremely uncomfortable. Besides discomfort, there is a possibility that you will be leaving holes in your heels.

The best work boot socks for you may differ for another individual. What may be suitable for you may not be suitable for another person. Therefore, I can’t tell you exactly which pair of socks will be the best work socks for you because I need to consider your particular situation.

However, I will be able to comprehensively review and share which pair of work boot socks would fit your particular situation.

Types of Boot Socks

Generally, the various types of boot socks are segregated based on TYPE OF MATERIAL used to make the boot socks and LENGTH.

1) Material

Generally, the better the material, the more expensive it gets. That is basically the trade-off.

For work boot socks, we want the socks to be made from durable materials. Materials that are both long-lasting and provide warmth is wool. If you have the budget, you can opt for a higher-end material called Merino Wool, from a prized breed of Merino sheeps.

If you’re looking for tougher boot socks, basically socks which are literally made to withstand military training, you can refer to our article on the best military boot socks.

2) Length

Boot socks commonly comes in four types of lengths:

(a) Micro Crew Socks – Socks with micro crew length are usually taller than

(b) Crew Socks – Socks with crew height are usually long enough to cover up until the bottom of the calf for men.

(c) Over the Calf Socks – Over the Calf socks, also known as OTC Socks, are usually long enough to go over your calf.

(d) Knee Socks – Knee socks are usually long enough to cover the entire lower-part of your leg, usually until below your knee.

With this in mind, let’s look at the best boot socks in the market! 

Best Work Boot Socks Comparison Table

Product ImageProductMaterialsOdor-ResisantMoisture-WickingWarrantyPairsPrice
Check Latest PriceFruit of the Loom
Work Boot Socks
76% Cotton, 22%
Polyester and 1%
Lycra Spandex
Check Latest PriceCarhartt All-Terrain
Work Boot Socks
43% Polyester,
35% Acrylic, 13%
Wool, 8% Nylon,
1% Spandex
Check Latest PriceDarn Tough Boot
Cushion Socks
64% Merino Wool,
33% Nylon, 3% Lycra Spandex
Check Latest PriceDickies Dri-tech
Crew Socks
77% Cotton, 21%
Polyester, 1% Nylon,
1% Spandex

Check Latest PriceFox River Steel-
Toe Boot Work
80% Acrylic,
18% Nylon, 2%

Best Work Boot Socks in 2020

1. Fruit of the Loom Heavy-Duty Work Boot Socks

Fruit of the Loom work socks

Why is this Number 1 – Fruit of the Loom Heavy Duty Reinforced Cushion Crew Socks gives you the best bang for the buck.

These socks are listed as the #1 Best Seller in Amazon’s Men’s Big & Tall Casual Socks Category. After reading this review, you will understand why the Fruit of the Loom heavy-duty work boot socks is THE best seller.

Company Overview – Fruit of the Loom Inc. is a company based in the United States which is also a global manufacturer and seller for family apparel.

This company has for many years been involved in manufacturing clothing including T-shirts, jackets, shorts and sweatpants.

Characteristics of the Fruit of the Loom Work Socks

Fruit of the Loom work socks pairs

Pairs – Do note that you’re paying for 6 pairs of socks (12 pieces of socks), and NOT 3 pairs.

Material – For the men’s pair of Fruit of the Loom work socks, it’s is made with 76% Cotton, 22% Polyester and 1% Lycra Spandex. It’s made with rugged and extra-thick cotton to provide greater levels of comfort and durability.

For the women’s pair of work socks, it’s manufactured a bit differently, comprising of 83% Cotton, 14% Polyester, 2% Fiber and 1% Spandex.

Size – For men, this pair of socks comes in 2 shoe sizes: US Shoe size 6 – 12 OR US Shoe size 12 – 16.

For women, the Fruit of the Loom Women’s Plus-Size socks also comes in 2 shoe sizes: US Shoe size 4 – 10 OR US Shoe size 8 – 12.

Colors – For men, the socks come in 3 colors: White, Black or Grey.

For women, the socks come in 3 different sets of colors: White / Blue / Pink, Whites and Black.

Weight – For the Men’s Fruit of the Loom Work Socks, it weighs 10.4 ounces (pack of 6). 

For the Women’s Fruit of the Loom Crew Socks, it weighs 12.56 ounces (pack of 10).

Closure – The socks utilizes pull-on closure, which means you can just pull the socks on and wear them like it’s any other regular socks.

Machine Washable – You can put them into the washing machine without any worries.

Packs – For men, for a reasonable price, you get 6 pairs (12) socks.

Features of the Fruit of the Loom Work Socks

Prevents Foot Fatigue – These pair of socks come with cushioned foot area and reinforced soles, which is great for helping you stay on your feet for long hours without feeling tired.

Highly Breathable – This pair of work socks is designed to be highly breathable. The socks come with strategically placed ventilation channels which helps with breathability.

Moisture-Wicking Fibers – This pair of socks is made with moisture-wicking fibers which is great for preventing sweaty feet. This helps with keeping your feet fresh, dry and comfortable.

Antimicrobial Fibers – This pair of socks is made with Antimicrobial Fibers, suitable for keeping away odor-causing bacteria. This is great for letting your feet stay fresh even after hours of grind.

Snug Fit – This pair of socks is made from soft cotton and polyester blend coupled with spandex knitting which is made in such a way that it can deliver a snug fit. You don’t have to worry about your skin rubbing against your socks.

Retains its Shape – This pair of socks can retain its shape well even after repeated washings.


Still less solid than most expensive socks – This pair of socks is still less robust compared to socks priced at a higher price-range. If you have a decent budget, you can take a look at other pairs of socks such as the Darn Tough socks which are comparatively more robust than this pair of socks.

My Thoughts

Perfect Work Boots – The Fruit of the Loom Work Socks are perfect for work boots. These heavy-duty socks are made to help you stay comfortable throughout the day. Plus, it’s really stable and highly breathable too, suitable for wearing long hours.

In essence, this pair of socks is designed with the working person in mind, built for the toughest work conditions.

Best Bang for the Buck – Getting a pair of the Fruit of the Loom Work Socks means you will be getting great value for money. This pair of socks is made to be extremely durable and perform exceptionally well for the working men and women.

All-Day Comfort – These socks are made with extra-thick cotton and reinforced soles, suitable for delivering all-day comfort. Plus, your feet will really stable because it is well-supported.

Thick and Robust – If you compare socks at this price range, these pair of socks are still pretty solid. The Fruit of the Loom socks still provides better value than most of their competitors. 


  • Best bang for the buck
  • Moisture-wicking and antimicrobial fibers
  • Retains its shape well


  • Not as thick and robust as high-end socks

2. Carhartt Men’s All-Terrain Work Boot Socks

Carhartt Men's boot socks

Why is this Number 2 – The Carhartt All-Terrain Work Boot Socks are well-known to be durable, keep your feet blister-free and stay comfortable in varying weather conditions.

Company Overview – Carhartt is a well-known brand that manufactures a wide range of clothing, including outdoor apparel.

Characteristics of the Carhartt All-Terrain Boot Socks

Pairs – Take note that the price is for SIX (6) pair of socks for both men and women.

Material – The Carhartt All-Terrain Boot Socks is carefully made with 43% Polyester, 35% Acrylic, 13% Wool, 8% Nylon and 1% Spandex.

The wool and acrylic blend is great for maintaining the socks original shape and bounce.

The Carhartt Women’s All-Season Work Socks are made from 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex.

Where is it made – This pair of Carhartt socks is made in the United States. This USA line of socks are well-known for exceptional quality. 

Colors – The Carhartt Men’s All-Terrain Boot socks comes in 3 colors: Brown, Grey and Navy.

The Carhartt Women’s All-Season Work Crew socks comes in 3 colors: Grey / Pink, Grey Heather / Grey, and Grey / Green.

Size – For Men, this pair of socks only comes in with shoe size: 6 to 12.

For the Women, the Carhartt Women’s Work Crew socks comes with shoe size: 5.5 to 11.5.

Weight – 6 pairs of men’s socks weighs 1.80 lbs., while 6 pairs of women’s Carhartt socks weighs 0.72 lbs.

Closure – This pair of socks similar like most socks uses pull-on closure.

Machine Wash – You can dump this pair of socks into the washing machine without worrying about anything. Even after multiple washes, the socks will still remain elastic and thick.

Durable – The Carhartt All-Terrain Boot Socks is literally made to ‘last as long as your boots’. The quality of this pair of socks is solid and thick.

Features of the Carhartt All-Terrain Boot Socks

Sweat Wicking – The Carhartt All-Terrain Boot Socks is manufactured with fast dry technology that is capable of wicking sweat away really quickly.

Prevents Bad Odor – The socksare made from material that easily fights odors. The odor-resistant properties will be able to keep your feet odor at bay, neutralizing tough odors to keep your feet staying fresh.

Nano Glide Reinforcements – NanoGLIDE is Carhartt’s proprietary technology invented to minimize blister-causing friction.

This means the nano glide feature helps reduce friction and blisters. Furthermore, these reinforcements help increase durability of the socks too.

You’ll be able to thrive in any terrain.

Arch Support – The Carhartt All-Terrain Boot Socks also provides a good amount of arch support. They will help you to keep you on your feet all day long without feeling fatigued.  

Plus, the arch support is great for providing a secure fit. This pair of socks doesn’t slide down easily and bunch up against your shoes.

FastDry Technology – This pair of socks is made with FastDry Technology which helps moves sweat quickly and keep your feet dry. This pair of socks will be able to deliver superior wicking action that is able to quickly transport sweat away so that you can keep your feet dry.

Mesh Cooling Panels – The socks come with mesh cooling panels and instep channels that promotes good air flow and increases breathability.

All-Season Wear – This pair of socks is made for you to wear comfortably in all seasons. This pair of socks is built to outlast most socks that aren’t made to cater for all four seasons. You’ll feel the difference between the Carhartt All-Terrain Boot Socks which you can feel in the material and how it performs.


Won’t stay up if size is too big – If the given size is too big for your feet, the socks will possibly not stay up. This may cause discomfort to some people.

Pretty Long – For some people, especially if you’re shorter, this pair of socks may seem a bit longer.

My Thoughts

Great Comfort – The work socks are carefully constructed to help keep your hard-working feet comfortable throughout the day.

The Carhartt All-Terrain Work Boot Socks is equipped with targeted cushioning strategically placed at high impact areas. The socks are designed to be fully cushioned, made with maximum padding protection.

Plus, this pair of Carhartt socks feels extremely soft, so you’ll feel comfortable every single step you take. 

Comfortable when it’s Cold – Feel the difference by investing in this pair of wool socks. Your feet would not have felt so comfortable in the cold wearing other pairs of mediocre socks. Great arch support, provides plenty of warmth and naturally wicks moisture too.

Increased Performance – This pair of work socks is made with advanced features such as the FastDry technology and NanoGLIDE Reinforcements so that you can outperform.

This pair of socks is made from premium absorbent cotton which offers breathable comfort. Your feet will be able to stay dry and comfortable in this pair of socks. You won’t feel the need to switch to a different pair of socks before the day is over. 

Exceptional Durability – These boot socks are made to last. They are equipped with reinforced heel and toe areas to help ensure that those friction-prone areas don’t wear out. Plus, the socks are manufactured with Carhartt’s tough materials. Get a pair and find out for yourself what it means for a pair of socks to be ‘exceptionally durable’.

Excellent Work Socks – This pair of work socks is really suitable if you are in a line of work that requires you to constantly be on your feet or move around. If you wear low-quality socks, you’ll end up with blisters and sweaty feet. But with this pair of socks, your feet will be blister-free. The material slides against the boots and serves this purpose really well.

Suitable for Agriculture Boots – If you’re wearing agriculture boots or boots that are relatively long, these pair of socks are long and thick enough to provide calf protection.

Suitable for Steel Toe Boots – The Carhartt All-Terrain Work Boot Socks are really suitable for steel toe boots. Even when the weather is hot, your feet are kept comfortable and blister-free if you wear this pair of socks. Great Deal – All in all, this pair of socks feels really comfortable, made from thick materials and sold at a decent price.


  • Excellent for preventing blisters
  • Durable pair of socks
  • Suitable for Work Boots


  • May be a bit too long

3. Darn Tough Boot Cushion Socks

Why is this Number 3 – The Darn Tough Boot socks has all the important features for an excellent work boot socks which helps keeps your feet comfortable without worrying about how long this pair of socks will last.

Company Overview – The Cobot Hosiery Mills manufactures socks under the name of ‘Darn Tough’. The company was founded since 1978 and has came a long way since then. In 2004, Ric Cobot started his plan on launching the Darn Tough brand. Darn Tough has been repeatedly cited as one of the best socks for durability and performance.

Characteristics of the Darn Tough Boot Cushion Socks

Where is it Made – The Darn Tough socks are 100% made in the United States, which makes it suitable for keeping your feet comfortable despite the varying weather conditions in the States.

Material – The Darn Tough Boot Socks are designed and knitted in Vermont. It’s made with 64% Merino Wool, 33% Nylon and 3% Lycra Spandex.

Merino Wool is best fiber for high breathability and excellent comfort, which makes the socks great for

Perfect Boot Sock Height – This pair of socks sits mid-calf for added protection and warmth. Plus, at this height, it’s great for keeping your feet sturdy too.

Colors – This pair of socks comes in 7 different unique colors including Chocolate, Lime, Black, Olive, Charcoal, Denim and Onyx. 

Sizes – You’ll be able to choose from 4 types of sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Depending on where you’re from, here’s a comprehensive sizing chart:

US Men5.5 – 7.58 – 9.510 – 1212.5 – 14.515 – 17
US Women7.5 – 9.510 – 11.512 – 14NANA
Euro38 – 40.541 – 42.543 – 45.546 – 49.550 – 53
UK5 – 7.57.5 – 99.5 – 11.512 – 1415 – 16

Weight – The socks weigh 5.6 ounces.

High Density Knitting – The Darn Tough socks uses high density knitting techniques. This means there are more stitches per inch, which means the socks feel more durable and fits great. The fine gauge knitting is great for durability and unique comfortable feel. 

Features of the Darn Tough Boot Cushion Socks

Fast Action Wicking – The fast action wicking helps pull moisture away from skin. You won’t be experiencing anymore sweaty, stinky socks.

Keeps your Feet Cool – The soft, breathable merino wool has fast drying, all weather performance that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Midweight Boots with Cushion – This pair of fine gauge knitted socks provides mid-level cushion density right below your feet. This helps keep your feet warm and cozy despite being in cold surroundings.

Seamless Technology – The socks are made with true seamless technology. This allows the socks to have an undetectable seam fusion, which gives an ultra-smooth feel unlike most socks with protruding seams.

Ribbed Support – The excellent Ribbed Compression Support helps ensure that there is no slipping, no bunching and no blisters. The amount of compression would be just right for high breathability and comfort in varying weather conditions too. 

Performance Fit – With excellent Ribbed Support, this pair of socks also delivers a performance fit. Even if you’re doing hardcore physical activity, your socks will stay up. It’s built to withstand the rigors of uneven trails and rigorous work activities.

All Weather Performance – The Darn Tough boot socks are manufactured to perform well in varying weather conditions. This means that your feet will remain cool in the hot summer, and cozy in the cold winter.

This thermoregulation quality helps keep you comfortable in various weather conditions.

Antimicrobial – The fiber used to make the Darn Tough boot socks is naturally antimicrobial, which helps repel bacteria and odor.


No Flat Seams  – Some of this pair of socks does not have flat seams, which causes hot spots if you do extreme sports which involves intense physical movement. It may feel uncomfortable for the corner seams to rub against your biggest and littlest toe.

Buy them 1 to 2 Sizes Bigger – Remember to double check the sizing chart before getting a pair of Darn Tough socks. Unlike the average sizing chart, the Darn Tough Socks may require you to order a pair with 2 sizes up.


If you buy any Darn Tough Socks, you are guaranteed for life! This company garnered a lot of attention because of this popular guarantee, which displays their commitment towards making a high-quality and durable pair of socks.

The good thing about this warranty is that they’ll replace your socks with no questions asked. This means you don’t have to deal with fussy customer service or put up with the hassle of explaining to somebody what happened to your socks.

However, you do have to pay for shipping and handling fees.

My Thoughts

Suitable for hiking – The Darn Tough Boot socks are not only solid enough to be work boot socks, but they’re also made to withstand intense sports such as hiking.

The Darn Tough Boot Socks won the 2018 Backpacker Editors’ Choice Gold Award badge, where it is recognized for how much it’s worth.

If you are going on a long hiking trail and want to get a reliable pair of socks, the Darn Tough Boot socks are your top picks. Not only will it be up to the task, it’s extremely suitable for hiking boots and work boots.

Comfortable All-Season – The all-weather performance coupled with the mid-level cushion density helps make this pair of socks keep your feet extremely comfortable in varying surrounding conditions.

Unmatched Durability – The Darn Tough boot socks goes the distance by providing you with excellent durability and comfort.

Quality at its Finest – Even after decades, Darn Tough still knits every pair of socks in Northfield, Vermont, which is the perfect place to test the socks. Despite having cheaper alternatives of outsourcing the manufacturing of the socks, the company still commits to knitting every pair of socks 100% in the United States, showing their commitment to not compromise on quality. 

Holds Up Really Well – These socks comparatively hold up really well. With this amount of sturdiness, it’s capable of keeping your feet less fatigued and you’ll even feel taller. On a side note, you will generally feel more confident as you wear this pair of socks.

You Get What You Pay For – The Darn Tough Boot Socks aren’t the cheapest pair of socks you can get, but you get every penny you pay for. The durability and amount of comfort that you get from this pair of socks is beyond any average pair of socks.

Exceptional Durability – Even after using this pair of socks for years, you’ll find that the socks are still good as new. You won’t be able to identify a single wear and tear even after giving it a rough time for an extended period of time.

Suitable for Taller Boots – The Darn Tough Boot Socks, as compared to the Darn Tough crew socks, would be more suitable for boots that are 8” or taller. Having several inches above the top of your boots helps keep them cinched up properly. This helps prevent the socks from falling down.

Avoid Cold Feet – Unlike most socks that feel snug, these pair socks can keep your feet snug while helping you avoid cold feet. Even if you wade in cold rivers or sweat through your feet a lot, your feet simply won’t get cold in these boot socks.

Great Work Boot Socks – With all the qualities added up together, with its excellent rib support, great durability, all weather performance and great breathability, all these qualities makes the Darn Tough Boot Socks exceptional. You can even say it’s one of the top work boot socks in the market.


  • Comfortable all-season
  • Extremely durable
  • Performance Fit


  • May have seams at the edge of the socks

4. Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks Multipack

Dickies Dri-Tech Work socks

Company Overview – This company, previously named Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co., has now transformed into one of the largest workwear manufacturers in the world. Dickies are currently selling their product in all 50 states in the United States, and they even attempted to sell internationally to various countries such as Australia, Russia, South Korea, Canada and Taiwan.

This company has for over 95 years been involved in manufacturing hard-duty work products, built to withstand any rough work conditions.

Buying the Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks from an established company should give you confidence.

Characteristics of the Dickies Dri-Tech Work Socks

Material – The Dickies Dri-Tech Work Socks are made from 77% Cotton, 21% Polyester, 1% Nylon and 1% Spandex.

Size – For men, you have 4 shoe sizes to choose from:

a. Shoe size: 5 – 9

b. Shoe size: 6 – 12

c. Shoe size: 12 – 15

d. Shoe size: 15 – 17

For women, you have 3 shoe sizes to choose from:

a. Shoe size: 5 – 7

b. Shoe size: 6 – 9

c. Shoe size: 10 – 13

Colors – There are a wide variety of colors for you to choose from.

For men, you can buy either buy either Black, White, Grey, Grey/Blue/Brown, Heathered Colored, Heathered Grey, Hi-vis Orange Black, Solid Black, Solid White, Charcoal, Hi-Vis Yellow Black, Mixed Denim, 3.0 Full Cushion Black and 3.0 Full Cushion White.

For women, you’ll have various styles to choose from including Black Assorted, Grey Assorted, Black Dotted, Black Fashion, Black Heathered, Black Solid, Grey, GreyAssorted, Grey Heathered, Grey Mix, Grey Solid, Stripe, Tribal, White Assorted and White Solid.

Pairs – You’ll be able to choose whether you want to purchase 6 pairs or 12 pairs of Dickies Dri-tech socks, depending on your budget and needs.

Just to stress, when they sell 6 pairs, they mean 6 complete pairs.

Features of the Dickies Dri-Tech Work Socks

Dickies Dri-Tech Work socks features

Machine Washable – You’ll be able to wash this pair of socks in the washing machine without worrying about getting them damaged.

Moisture Control Fibers – The soft and breathable moisture control fibers which are made from Dri-Tech Moisture Management Technology, can help keep your feet comfy and dry.

With such proper moisture management, it’ll help keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable even if you are on your feet all day.

Arch Compression – The Dri-Tech work socks come equipped with arch compression technology which helps provide more stability and support.

Plus, the arch compression helps ensure the socks hugs your feet, keeping the socks in place while providing in-step support. The compression helps ensure excellent fit too. 

Mesh Ventilation Channels – The socks are equipped with ventilation channels to help enhance air flow and circulation. These ventilation channels are great for moisture control too.

With proper air flow and breathability, your feet will experience enhanced comfort.

Reinforced Heel and Toe Area – The Dickies Dri-Tech Boot Socks are made with reinforced heel and toe area to help with durability. These are the two areas most prone to wear and tear. Since it’s equipped with proper reinforcements, you’ll be able to use this pair of socks for months and years to come.

Padded with Cushion – These socks are padded to provide sufficient comfort even while you’re grinding. The whole foot area is fully cushioned. You’ll appreciate the cushioned comfort especially after a long day’s work.

Odor Control – Unlike most socks at this price point which will smell really bad at the end of the day, the Dickies Dri-Tech Work Socks are designed to have odor control which is great for people who want to avoid stinky feet.


Inconsistent Sizing – The different pairs of socks sent to you may have inconsistent sizing. You may want to consider the possibility of getting various sizes of socks.

My Thoughts

Suitable Work Socks for Everyone – Dickies are well-known for making work socks because they are aimed at making solution-based products. Since Dickies was determined to manufacture the right product for every job, you’ll be getting quality work socks that are right for your task.

The Dickies Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks is a pair of work socks made for the grind.

Highly Durable – The Dickies Dri-Tech Work Socks are a pair of high-quality socks because cloth won’t easily pill, the colors won’t fade, it doesn’t easily lose its elasticity and the socks won’t get holes in it.

These pairs of socks are well-known to maintain top shape even after one to two years of everyday use. If you walk a lot or if your work requires you to be on your feet for hours, the Dickies Dri-Tech socks are meant for you, especially if you want your socks to last.

Great for every season – The Dri-tech Moisture Control Work socks come with Dri-Tech’s moisture management technology, helping you to stay warm during the winter, and stay cool when it gets hot.

Comfortable – The Dickies Dri-Tech Boot Socks feels really comfortable when you put them on. Features such as the arch compression and ventilation channels helps tremendously in keeping your feet comfortable. 

Plus, the design features help reduce foot fatigue too.

Stylish – If you get the pairs of socks which are black in color, you’ll save yourself a ton of time sorting through mismatched socks. Plus, the black or white pair of socks goes well with everyone’s wardrobe, saving you a bunch of time while keeping you safe from the fashion police.

Great Bang for the Buck – These socks are priced fairly reasonable. If we consider how durable they are and the features they have, you are definitely getting your money’s worth if you purchase this pair of socks.


  • Dri-Tech Moisture Control Management Technology
  • Arch Compression
  • Mesh Ventilation Channels


  • May Get Inconsistent Sizing

5. Fox River Steel-Toe Mid-Calf Boot Work Sock

Fox river steel toe mid calf boot socks

Company Overview – Fox River is a company that has operated since the 1900’s. For more than a century, Fox River has been manufacturing socks, trying and testing different methods to make the best pair of socks. 

Fox River is one of America’s oldest brands for manufacturing performance socks. They have definitely come a long way in manufacturing performance grade socks.

Characteristics of the Fox River Steel-Toe Boot Work Socks


Made in the USA – Fox River’s products have for generations been made in the United States. You can be sure that every piece of sock is knitted to perfection in the Midwest, USA. 

Material – The Fox River Steel-Toe Boot Work Socks is made from 80% Acrylic, 18% Nylon and 2% Spandex.

Acrylic is a man-made fiber which is well-known for providing softness and enough warmth with very little weight. Plus, this fiber is known to have high durability too. Acrylic is a fiber that is inherently capable of being dyed in a brighter color than other natural fibers.

Product Dimension – The product dimension for one sock is 13 inches x 8 inches x 1 inch.

Size – There are 3 sizes for you to choose from: Medium, Large and X-Large.

Fox River socks sizing chart

Colors – This pair of socks only comes in White.

Weight – One pair of Fox River Steel-Toe Mid-Calf Boot Work Sock weighs 0.40 lbs.

Machine Washable – You can put this pair of socks in the washing machine without worrying about causing wear and tear or getting them damaged.

Features of the Fox River Steel-Toe Boot Work Socks

UR fit System – Fox River’s Ultimate Response (UR) Fit System delivers the ultimate personalized response fit by combining 3 things:

a) Memory knit compression; and

b) A contoured rib top; and

c) Spandex compression zones.

Wick Dry Technology – Fox River’s proprietary wick-dry technology helps by rapidly drawing moisture away from your skin, which helps keep your feet stay dry and comfortable. This wick-dry technology helps eliminate moisture build up, which results in lessening the occurrence of hot spots and friction which bring about blisters.

Steel Toe Construction – The steel toe construction helps provide additional cushioning over the toes and near the Achilles heel area.

Heavy Cushioning – The Fox River Steel-Toe Boot Work Socks comes equipped with heavyweight cushioning which is suitable for keeping your feet comfortable for an extended period of time and keep your feet warm during cold weather. 

The cushioning can help keep your feet comfortable when you’re grinding in your work boots.


The Fox River Steel-Toe Boot Work Socks are backed by Fox River’s Standards of Excellence, which is a guarantee against manufacturing defects for 1 year.


Pretty Long – This pair of work socks are made to be pretty long, where they’ll be able to reach up nearly to your knee. You may have to roll them down if you aren’t comfortable with the height.

My Thoughts

Suitable All-Rounded Socks for Tough Working Environment – This pair of socks is the perfect, all-rounded socks for a challenging working environment.

The Fox River Steel Toe Work Socks are built to be rugged, helping you get ready for whatever work is thrown at you. These socks just won’t miss a beat, helping you deliver your best performance in moments where it really matters.

Built with Durability – Even after years of being on your feet for hours, the Fox River Steel-Toe Boot socks will be able to hold up to the challenge.

Even if you’re wearing them on your feet 24/7 and grinding, you’ll be surprised how well they can hold up.

In fact, the Fox River Steel Toe Boot socks are known to last longer than Dickies Work Socks or the Fruit of the Loom Boot Socks.

Great for a Humid Environment – This pair of socks is capable of keeping your feet dry even in days with more than 50% humidity. 

Fits Really Well – The Fox River Work Socks are equipped with the UR Fit System. This pair of work socks fits your feet properly, unlike most socks. The heel of the sock will end up at your heel.

They are just Comfortable – The Fox River Work Socks are built to keep your feet comfortable, keeping your feet dry and warm despite the harshest weather.  

They’re heavily cushioned too, keeping your feet comfortable even after hours of work.

Great Value for the Money – If you’re someone involved in physically demanding work, this pair of socks will be able to meet your needs. You’ll be able to get so much value out of this pair of socks, especially if you are frequently involved in physically demanding jobs.


  • More durable than most work socks at this price point
  • Fits well
  • Great for a Humid Environment


  • May be a bit too long

How to choose the best work boot socks

1. Make sure they are comfortable

The primary purpose of wearing a pair of socks is to ensure that they help keep you comfortable. With the best boot socks, you should be able to remain comfortable despite being on your feet for hours.

You will be unproductive if you were to wear a pair of uncomfortable work socks.

For boot socks to be comfortable, you’ll need to make sure that the socks are breathable, wicks sweat and has enough arch support to help reduce fatigue.

2. Make sure they’re durable

For durability, I would recommend that you pick socks that are made with higher density knitting so that they can last longer.

The socks that made it into the list will be able to last a good amount of time eventhough you are aggressively working them.

The next best thing is for the socks to have a warranty. More often that not, companies give warranties because they know that the socks they sell will last. You can bet that socks like Darn Tough or the Fox River Boot Socks will be able to last longer than most socks.

3. Check the sock height

This point is highly dependent on personal preferences. Having socks that are too long wouldn’t be too comfortable especially if the socks aren’t breathable. Getting socks that are too short means you’ll be exposing your leg.


Choosing the best socks out of the 5 would be totally dependent on your current situation / preferences.

If you have budget to spend, I will highly recommend the Darn Tough Boot Socks. You’ll basically be set for months.

If you have a medium-level budget, the Fox River boot socks will likely be able to meet your needs.

If you are only planning to invest a low budget on work socks, the Fruit of the Loom boot socks would be your best bet!

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