Snugpak Military Boot Socks Review

Snugpak Military Boot Socks Review – Is it worth it?

The Snugpak Military Socks is one of the most popular choices for military personnel or avid outdoorsmen. It’s affordable, durable and comfortable, which makes it one of the top choices for a military boot socks.

Snugpack Boot Socks Characteristics

snugpak military boot socks characteristics

This sock is made from 30% Merino Wool, 60% Acrylic, 6% Polyamide, 2% Cordura, and 2% LycraⓇ Elastane

Socks that are made from Merino Wool can give you an edge because Merino is a fabric that can keep your feet warm, but also allows heat and moisture to escape easily. This means that the Snugpak military boot socks can be used in a wide range of weather conditions.

The socks only comes in two colors: Black and Olive.

As for the sizes available, the socks comes in 2 sizes: (a) Size 6 – 9 and (b) size 9 ½ – 13.

The socks weigh less than 120 grams, which is considered lightweight.

The socks with size 6 – 9 weighs 100 grams / 3.5 oz, while the socks with size 9 ½ – 13 weighs 120 grams / 4.2 oz.

Overall, the socks has all the important characteristics which makes it suitable for outdoor adventure.

Snugpack Military Boot Socks Features

snugpak military boot socks features

Made for Comfort – The socks come with various features that helps keep your feet comfortable.

The socks are made from merino wool which helps keep your feet warm when the weather is cool, or help keep your feet dry and cool during warm weather.

Terry Loop Lining – Additionally, the socks are equipped with terry loop lining which helps keep your feet snug and warm during cold weather conditions.

The terry loop knit design also helps ensure that your socks have even padding throughout. This helps remove constriction on your feet.

The Wool rich terry loop lining is also provides good insulation and close fitting which doesn’t constrict your calf muscles.

Fine Toe Seams – The socks is equipped with turned-in welt at the top of the socks and smooth toe seam, which helps prevents lumps that may result in uncomfortable rubbing of your skin.

Improved Fittings – Additionally, the socks are shaped with a true heel and toe for improved fitting. ‘True Fit’ helps prevent your socks from unnecessarily moving while you’re on the go, which also mean that your socks won’t unnecessarily move. This helps prevent hot spots and bunching.

Excellent padding – The socks come with excellent padding, which helps reduce pressure to your feet when you are engaged in intense physical activities.


Excellent grade outdoor socks – The Snugpack socks made a name for themselves since 2014, and they managed to keep their reputation and be at the forefront of most people’s mind when people talk about military socks or outdoor socks.

Their products are well-known because the quality of the materials and construction is top-notch.

Besides being well-constructed, the socks are known to be able to keep people’s feet comfy and warm.

Socks that keep your feet comfortable – Although this pair of socks is considered ‘heavier’ weight as compared to most socks worn during the summer, these socks doesn’t feel tight or hot. In fact, it should feel comfortable because of the various features.

Excellent for long outdoor adventures – The Snugpak Military Socks has all the important features that makes it suitable for long ventures. From improved fittings to strong paddings, all these features helps ensure that you stay comfortable even after long hours of being on your feet.

Very versatile – The Snugpak Military Boot Socks can keep your feet comfortable in both cool and warm conditions.

The Terry Loop Lining helps keep your feet warm during cool weather because Terry Loops are protruding loops of thick thread that effectively keeps heat.

The Merino Wool keeps your feet cool and dry during warm weather because the wool can allow the heat and moisture to escape, while the wool can easily absorb the moisture to help keep your feet dry.

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